Welcome to your Student Government Association


Who We Are

SGA enthusiastic team members 

SGA enthusiastic team members 

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association is an organization created by students for students. We care for our peers and want to make your university life as pleasant and fun as possible.

The SGA is part of the Austrian Students' Union (Österreichische Hochschulerschaft).

Our Mission

We are here to help you:

  • have a voice at the university
  • support both your academic and personal development
  • support your creative ideas and visions
  • integrate in the community through our events
  • create an environment of equality among students

What We've Achieved

  • More computers for students
  • More space for students to study
  • Online printing
  • Alumni map
  • Longer library hours
  • Providing funds and food for refugees
  • Various student issues (e.g. advising, grades, transfer credits, canceled courses)






Webster University Vienna

Palais Wenkheim - Room 3.02

Praterstr. 23a

1020 Vienna