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Student Government Association


Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association is an organization created by students for students. We care for our peers and want to make your university life as pleasant and fun as possible.

The SGA is part of the Austrian Students' Union (Österreichische Hochschulerschaft).

Our constitution can be accessed here.

Our Mission

We are here to help you:

  • Have a voice at the university
  • Support both your academic and personal development
  • Support your creative ideas and visions
  • Integrate everyone in the community through our events
  • Create an environment of equality among students

What We've Achieved

  • More computers for students
  • More space for students to study
  • Online printing
  • Alumni map
  • Longer library hours
  • Providing funds and food for refugees
  • Various student issues (e.g. advising, grades, transfer credits, canceled courses)




+4312699293 ex. 4396


Webster University Vienna

Palais Wenkheim - Room 3.02

Praterstr. 23a

1020 Vienna





Popular Events we have organized

Check out our calendar to see what we have planned for you, as well as events that we are sponsoring.

If you have any ideas for SGA events, print out the SGA Event Suggestion Form, fill it out and bring it to the next meeting. Information on the time and location is on our Facebook page.


Do you have any specific questions?

Contact our Events Officer or drop by our weekly meetings.




The SGA supports students who wish to start clubs by helping with setting them up and providing funding for its members.

- Want to find people to play your favorite sport with?

-Have a hobby and would like to share it with peers?

-Interested in starting an activity with other students?

-Want to join an enthusiastic group to learn something new?

- Need assistance with getting people together or promoting your club?

Contact us and we can help! 



Current clubs


  • Board Game Club
  • Football Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Model United Nations (WebMun)
  • Photo Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Econ Reading Group

... and more!